About Us

Who we are

We are a company called The Cycle Division Ltd. We import and distribute bicycle parts and accessories to Independent Bicycle Dealers throughout the UK. The Cycle Division has been trading since 2001 and we are a team currently totalling 17+ (not including sales agents) ... however some of us have been in the business for many more years!

The brands we are proudest to push are Sturmey Archer/Sunrace, RavX, Finesse, Schwalbe, Weldtite, Oxford and our own generic brand D2O. Whilst brands are important to us and our dealers, our product range must be equally aligned with the offering we are proudest of – Service! Without good stocks competitively priced and available then the law of competition dictates that customers will go elsewhere. We at The Cycle Division understand this.

We fully support and respect the branded products we currently stock. Whilst always on the lookout for new brands this is not our primary focus. We import primarily from the Far East and choose only quality Bread & Butter products which best suits the needs of our customers. We appreciate it is important to strike the balance between quality and price ...where our D2O products are concerned we are motivated more by these factors than the badge.

We currently have over 2000 dealers listed in our system. Roughly half of these bought off us last year. We basically supply anywhere our parcel carriers go. Therefore any dealers in the British Isles are welcome to contact us (the majority enjoying next day delivery). Subject to credit status we rarely turn anyone away.

At the Cycle Division we believe that good customer service is vital. A customer should be able to pick up the telephone and place an order without necessarily reeling off a list of product codes. Alternatively orders can be placed via our B2B site ...we have purposely designed ours to be straightforward, clean and simple. Dealers should also expect an order delivered complete the next working day. Now whilst it is virtually impossible to supply 100% all the time we do endeavour to call our customers and advise of any shortages and suggest possible alternatives. Our main issues lately concern growth and keeping up with added demand. Next on the shopping list is a better phone system!